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Be one with your surroundings.

This is called the X.

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This is My

Put Realtree MAX-7® in the field, and you will simply disappear.

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Be The

This X is always changing.

Realtree MAX-7® lets you adapt.

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New, Improved & Unseen

From North to South, East to West and every pond, prairie and wetland in between. Stop looking for the X, be the X with new Realtree MAX-7®.

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Designed For

Every Scenario & any Environment

See how we've upgraded from the Realtree MAX-5®

REALTREE MAX-7® Camo Jacket
contrast of the MAX-7® camo design


When it comes to concealment, few things are more important than having shapes "hold" in contrast at a distance.

natural colors of the MAX-7® camo texture pattern

Natural Color

Realtree MAX-7® has 7 distinct colors that match the natural world, allowing you to melt into the background.

details of the MAX-7® camo design


We spent countless hours worrying about each tiny detail of Realtree MAX-7® to make it three-dimensional and lifelike for the field.

details of the MAX-7® camo design

Surface Elements

The perfect combination of dark pockets to represent brackish water, dirt or mud.

details of the MAX-7® camo design

Plant Life Elements

High definition cattails, reeds and brush blend perfectly with waterfowl environments.

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REALTREE MAX-7® Camo Jacket


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is always changing

Hide wherever birds want to land

Works anywhere you need to be

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